About me

Anne Woolfitt-ScholtenMeet Anne Woolfitt-Scholten – founder of TAALkameleon

I have a passion for languages and people. Working with or for other people really inspires me. It makes me happy when I can make the lives of expats easier and more fun by being their Language Learning Facilitator and teaching them my native language.

I am native to the Netherlands, Dutch is my mother tongue. I am also fluent in English and Spanish having trained as a translator Dutch – English – Spanish. And I am a qualified Dutch teacher. I spent a lot of time abroad. Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina have become very dear to me. I have very fond memories of Borneo and Thailand and Australia and New Zealand are still etched in my mind. The warmth of all the beautiful people I met and who helped me to feel at home away from home stays with me.

Teaching Dutch

Having travelled to many places around the world and having had a great time I know from my own experience that it also can be difficult to meet people, settle in to a new culture and feel at home away from home. When I was abroad I wished I could speak the local language better and I wanted to meet more locals.

As soon as  I could ask questions, understand answers and get to know my way around, I no longer felt like a stranded tourist. I changed into a local! I became part of society once I could communicate with the local bus driver, the hairdresser or any passerby. I started belonging to the country I was in and the country became part of me. I felt at home!

I can help you feel at home away from home  through teaching you Dutch in a personal, fun and interactive way. I’ll plug you into Dutch society! Part of you becomes Dutch and the Netherlands become part of you!

If you would like to find out more about how the life of expats can be made easier, please read my blogs which can found on my website.


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