Accelerated Learning Dutch: The Introduction


Accelerated Learning Dutch

The insights and practical tools covered in the Accelerated Learning Dutch trainings are crucial for every (native or non-native) English speaker in The Netherlands who wants to become a confident Dutch speaker. If you want to break away from speaking English I can show you the way how to do that.
I use exciting and innovative learning techniques, which are both fun and effective. We don’t use old-fashioned ways which you might have used at school; we use effective and fun ways to learn.
  • Firstly you need to get insight into the obstacles stopping you from moving forward.
  • Secondly you need to understand that a language is no more than a system. A system is not randomly put together. It is logical.
  • At last always keep your goal in mind. Communicating in Dutch will enable me to …….. !
  The major principles of Accelerated Learning are:
  • Creating insights
  • Total learner involvement
  • Active creation of knowledge
  • Collaboration among learners
  • Activity-centered learning
I’d like to invite you to  experience Accelerated Learning Dutch. We offer a 2,5 hour training for a special (LOW) price of only € 22,50  (incl. training, materials and coffee/tea and drinks).

At the end of this introduction you will:

  • have an answer to your personal ‘WHY’ it is important to learn Dutch
  • understand why it is difficult to speak Dutch in The Netherlands
  • know the system to build sentences in the present tense
  • have had great opportunities to practise in class
  • walk out with strategies to implement what you have learned
  • get information on the different Language Programmes
The aim of this introduction is to let you experience Accelerated Learning, learn more about the language programmes we offer and meeting me.
I invite you to join!
To your best Dutch year! Anne

The trainings will take place at Luno Kitchen, Kerkbrink 2-d, Hilversum

(a 20 minute intercity trainride from Amsterdam CS)

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Be aware that there is only space for a limited number of participants

Accelerated Learning Dutch The introduction

Wednesday the 14th of December 2016

19.00 – 21.30

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