Expat Partner Success

Expat partner success
Expat Partner Success

Expat life can be tough. We know. We’ve been there. You’ve left behind your family, your friends, your job, your identity, your everything.

Expat life is also an amazing opportunity. With the right tools and the right kind of support, you can discover joy, growth, and fulfillment in your new life abroad. YOU can create success.

Let’s work together to create the expat experience YOU want to live. Where do you want to start?

Originally Karlijn De Broeck started Expat Partner Success. She is a life coach offering unique programmes to expat partners  to help them define and create the life they want to live abroad. In 2013 four other experts joined EPS. All of them focussing on a different challenges that expats and their families face.

Research shows that expatriate assignment failure rates are high and can vary between 20% and 50%. Unsuccessful postings are often very expensive and damaging (Minter, 2008). The most repeated reasons for failure are:

  • family circumstances – 71%
  • partner employment issues – 51%
  • family unable to adjust to host location: 44%

Through professional, bilingual guidance and support we make the lifes of expat families easier and meaningful! Meet us:

Karlijn de Broek – Expat Partner Success – life coach

Anne Woolfitt-Scholten – TAALkameleon – Practical Support and Dutch Language Courses

Cindy Paardenkoper – Kindercoach Cindy – Children Coach

Anne Galloway – Power to change –  Career Coach

Sacha Tanis Hopman – Expart – Expat Partner Career Coach

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