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  • Dutch Language Trainings for non-Dutch speakers at beginner – intermediate – advanced level

Language training

Dutch Language Training

TAALkameleon offers Dutch Language courses for non-Dutch speakers at beginner – intermediate – advanced level. I teach small groups in the Hilversum area but also incompany.

What are your needs?

To get a clear idea of what you would like to learn (and what you already know) I contact you to talk to you by phone or meet you  in person. Based on your wishes I develop  tailormade lessons. Sometimes I use books, sometimes own materials (hand outs), sometimes a combination.

Not a single course is the same

After consultation I make a proposal for:

  • the number of teaching hours (= flexible)
  • the topics we will cover
  • the place where the lessons will take place (at my home in Hilversum / at your home / a flexplek in Hilversum / incompany within one hour driving distance from Hilversum)
The lessons

The lessons are interactive, with with a variety of assignments focussing on reading / writing / listening / speaking. To achieve more in a shorter period of time homework will be given.

The group size

I work with (very) small groups of 2 to 4 students. (Different numbers apply to incompany trainings.)


The rates of the courses are based on the group size and the number of teaching hours. The intake is free of charge. Hand-outs and work sheets are included in the price. The student just pays for the total number of teaching hours. This includes the time I need to prepare the lessons. If we decide to use study books there will be additional costs. Books can be ordered through TAALkameleon,

An indication: prices vary from € 27,50 per person per hour (60 minutes) to  € 67,00 per person per hour. (An additional 10% will be charged for lessons starting after 6 pm.)

Why TAALkameleon?

Why should you connect with Anne from TAALkameleon? 

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Get in touch

I’d be very happy to talk to you to find out what exactly you are looking for and when you’d be interested to start. 

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