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Practical Support

Practical Support

It can be very frustrating and time consuming to get seemingly simple tasks done in a country that isn’t your home country. Small issues often have a disproportioned impact on how the transition is being experienced. So why not make your life easier?  Some simple and low cost actions can help smooth the way so that you can get the basics out of the way and get on with living and enjoying your life in the Netherlands.

TAALkameleon helps you with:

– understanding written documents from:
  • the council
  • the tax authorities
  • medical practitionars (doctor, dentist, fysiotherapist)
  • sportclubs
  • internetproviders
  • insurances
  • etc.
  – making appointments:
  • by phone
  • in writing
  – filling out forms   – writing letters   – finding information on a wide variety of topics like
  • finding a local plumber
  • what is the best health insurance
  • etc.
Terms and conditions
  • all information will be handled in a strictly confidential manner
  • all tasks will be kept track of in a log
  • an overview of the billable time will be included in the invoice
  • TAALkameleon reports back in English, Spanish or French
  • rates are based on blocks of 15 minutes (€ 16,25 excl. 21% VAT) and are exclusive telephone costs to paid (enquiry) numbers
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