The best way to learn a language

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The best way to learn a language

Sitting and watching a game of tennis doesn’t really make you a tennis player. You may know a lot about the game but the best way to learn to play tennis is… to play tennis. And that is exactly what you need to do when learning a foreign language.

Language Education

I have learned English and Spanish the ‘traditional way’. With grammar books and sitting and listening to my teachers. It was alright but lots of it wasn’t very enjoyable.
After travelling around the world and working in the tourism field I came back home to The Netherlands. I started working as a teacher in secondary schools, higher education and language schools. I realised that most educational organisations don’t use the best way to learn. Often it was boring and tiring.

Accelerated Learning

So I started my own educational organisation: TAALkameleon. I set it up, got my first clients, I used exercises and formats to motivate my students to actively use the language. And I became good at it. I had very satisfied customers, but I felt something was still missing…. I had not found the key to ‘the best way to learn’ yet.
I joined a course on Accelerated Learning and I saw the light! I found the key to the best way to learn: Accelerated Learning!
I was inspired and I started changing my way of teaching. Based on the insights I got, I made an action list and step by step I implemented the actions. To cut a long story short…. This was the beginning of the trainings Accelerated Learning Dutch.

Accelerated Learning has one aim only: to get results!

The major principles of Accelerated Learning are:
  • Total learner involvement
  • Active creation of knowledge
  • collaboration among learners
  • activity-centered learning
It’s a fun, innovative and effective way of learning Dutch.
But to be honest, there are different ways of learning a language. Especially nowadays with lots of free online courses and (fantastic) vocab apps. You can listen, read and learn a lot…
But nothing… NOTHING compares to the impact and value that you can get from a (good) LIVE training session:
  • A real trainer can share experiences and provides you with effective learning strategies
  • A real trainer helps you understand the blueprint of the language and enables you to use the system
  • During a live training questions can be answered immediately
  • There is ‘real time’ interaction with co-learners
  • A trainer helps you get valuable insights and to formulate actions
Are you curious?
For € 29,00 you can join the training ‘Accelerated Learning Dutch The Introduction’ to find out for yourself. I invite you to grab this opportunity.

Click here for more information before we are fully booked.



The Accelerated Learning Dutch trainings are for action oriented people only. Don’t expect miracles without having to do a thing. To be successful you need to get into action. So when it comes to learning a new language start by focussing on the most frequently used words in Dutch.
Just answer these two question in the comment field below and we’ll send you a

FREQUENCY word list for FREE

1) what is your main reason to learn Dutch?
2) what is your biggest challenge in learning Dutch?
I look forward to meeting you at Accelerated Learning Dutch The Introduction!
Here’s to your best Dutch year ever!
PS. 1. Accelerated Learning Dutch The Introduction is suitable for beginner learners and more advanced learners. The instruction language will be English.
PS. 2. Feel free to share this article with your network via the social media share buttons of TwitterFacebook  and Google+ on this webpage. In that way your friends can also benefit from this training and / or FREE frequency word list.

Comments (5)

  • Rachel


    Hi Anne

    I want to learn to Dutch so I feel completely comfortable in my surroundings and also for emergency situations.
    The biggest challenge is that Nederlanders always speak English when they hear my English accent!!!


  • Tanya


    We have just moved here as expats and expect to be here 5-6 years, I want to learn Dutch so life is just that little bit easier and more involved

    Challenge is it is so easy to stay in your comfort zone and just speak English, as do many people speak it


  • Soledad


    I’ve been living in the NL for almost 2 years and still can’t feel confident enough to speak, although I understand a lot and have attended language courses. I’d like to be fluent to have more opportunities in the labor market.


  • Yvonne


    I want to lean Dutch because I am living here and I know I will live here longer.
    The biggest challenge is my speaking and vocabulary.


  • Cynthia


    Hi, I want to learn Dutch because I have moved here and don’t want to be one of those expats who doesn’t make an effort to learn! My biggest challenge will be making an effort to speak what I learn, because I hate making mistakes :(


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