To all (native) English Speakers:

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To all (native) English Speakers:

To native english speakers

I think that one of the biggest obstacles that limits you in learning Dutch is the fact that the majority of Dutch people speak English. This can be frustrating and demotivating.

Everyone tells me how challenging it is to actually speak Dutch in The Netherlands. Over and over again they try to communicate in Dutch and time after time the conversation changes into English and they feel like they fail. Although quite a few of them became successful Dutch speakers many of them are still struggling.

Are you ready to break the pattern?

How would it feel if you could break away from speaking English and actually move forward with learning Dutch? Would that give you a feeling of success or maybe even relief? I have been teaching Dutch to internationals for quite some time now and  I have come to realize the following. If you want to learn Dutch, the 3 following aspects need to be addressed:
  • the WHY
You need to have a very clear answer to why you want to learn Dutch. Ask yourself in what way your life will change once you can communicate in Dutch. To get the answer, finish this sentence: Communicating in Dutch will enable me to ………  .
  • the SYSTEM
Be aware that the English language system cannot be translated 1 to 1 into Dutch (for example the word order in a sentence). The Dutch system isn’t easier or more difficult. It is just different. Compare it to computers. An iMac and a PC are both computers but they are different.
  • speaking ENGLISH instead of Dutch
Why is it, that often it seems impossible to speak Dutch for more than 5 minutes before the conversation changes into English? It has to do with the fact that 90% of the Dutch population can have at least a basic converstation in English. If the Dutch hardly spoke any English at all, you would have no choice but to speak Dutch.
 The good news is that there is a way to break to pattern

Accelerated Learning Dutch 

In the Accelerated Learning Dutch courses these three aspects (and more) are being addressed.
  • Would you like to get insight in to why it is more difficult for you to learn Dutch than another language?
  • Do you want to know why learning Dutch can improve your life?
  • Do you want to understand the system of the language?
  • Would you like to learn strategies to overcome the obstacles you face?
  • Are you interested in tools you can use to learn Dutch?
  • Are you interested in exercises that you can use immediately?
I’d love to you show you how it works and I’d like to invite you to Click here for more information or registration for an INTRODUCTION session of 2,5 hours

Accelerated Learning has one aim only: to get results!

  • There is still space for Wednesday the 16th of November
  • There is still space for Wednesday the 14th of December
To your best Dutch Year!
Anne Woolfitt-Scholten and team TAALkameleon  
PS. 1. Accelerated Learning Dutch The Introduction is suitable for beginner learners and more advanced learners. The instruction language will be English.
PS. 2. Feel free to share this article with your network via the social media share buttons of TwitterFacebook  and Google+ on this webpage. In that way your friends can also benefit from this training or the FREE frequency word list.
To be successful you need to get into action. So when it comes to learning a new language start by focussing on the most frequently used words in Dutch.
Just answer these two question in the comment field below and we’ll send you a

FREQUENCY word list for FREE

1) what is your main reason to learn Dutch?
2) what is your biggest challenge in learning Dutch?
I look forward to meeting you at Accelerated Learning Dutch The Introduction!
Here’s to your best Dutch year ever!  

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  • Ghalia Hachem


    1) what is your main reason to learn Dutch?
    Many reasons mainly our plans for along stay in the country; we have grown fond of the ppl and the country and it only makes sense for me now to learn to better communicate in Dutch. Also; more importantly my son will be joining a public dutch school and I would like to try and keep pace as well as better communicate with him/ friends and parents at school and in the neighborhood.

    2) what is your biggest challenge in learning Dutch?
    Mainly the time restriction; moving to a new country with a mall child and maintaining a full tom career meant that I was unable to find time for myself and the courses. the Dutch are also notorious for having almost perfect English and so it’s very easy to get bu in English!


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